A little over thirty years ago I scribbled my first BASIC program on a few pieces of paper, rode my bike to the selling floor of a department store showroom, and began typing it out on one of their display computers; it took me four hours to finish, but in the end it worked. My success fueled my excitement, an excitement not shared by the sales people who were glad to see this eleven-year-old kid finally head home. Three years later I marketed my first computer game, a text-based adventure that I advertised in a small ad on the back pages of a computer magazine; though another development milestone for me, I only sold four copies, and one I believe was purchased by my Dad, although he never admitted to it.

Since then, I’m proud to say my success rate has improved. As a seasoned senior-level marketing professional with client-side, agency, and consulting experience, as well as a background of building solutions for Fortune 500 / Global 500 brand leaders —including Realogy, Siemens, ADP, Microsoft, AT&T and AIG— I can help your company meet the rapid challenges in today’s marketplace. I possess a unique and rare balance of creative, technical, and business insight that comes not just from my extensive experience managing full life cycles of digital projects, but from rolling up my sleeves and participating hands-on in each step, in many instances holding sole responsible for an entire product. It’s my practical experience that makes me a better leader and mentor, as I have an understanding of exactly what I’m asking my team to do.